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Vance responded in the only way he knew how--as a trained killer, whose deadly precision kept him alive twenty years ago as a special operative. With a blinding flash of instinct and trained reflexes, Vance pulled a gun on the bank robber.

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With one fatal shot he incured the.. Chicago freelance writer and reluctant sleuth Emerson Ward is shocked when his friend, photographer Brady "Puppy" Barnes, is shot and killed. Puppy had asked Emerson to investigate some missing gems stolen from his studio and now Emerson suspects a dirty insider is responsible for both the theft and the murder. Going undercover, Emerson soon discovers a hornet's nest of suspects and more than a few motives for murder. Follis Cheatham, Read by Stephanie Brush.

It's spring, , and a businessman in Sumner County, Kansas, has been brutally murdered.

Not only does Ellen Hargrove find the body of cattleman Francis Stone, but within days, she is certain James Montgomery committed the crime. But how to convince anyone? Her knowledge isn't based on evidence, but rather on her own clairvoyant visions. Ellen tries to deny her precognition, just as she did the previous autumn when she foresaw her husba.. It started as a simple missing person case. From there the search for something resembling the truth led Shade deeper and deeper into the darkness, in a world of murder, conspiracy and cover-ups. There's not much danger evident in Bob White, Oklahoma, in In a small town where doors are left unlocked at night, everyone knows your name, and alcohol is strictly forbidden, it's difficult even for a teenaged boy to get in trouble.

But fifteen-year-old Mark Stoddard has his ways, and with the help of his best friend Ferret and Ferret's newly arrived tomboy cousin TJ, Mark is determined to spice up his summer, and win the respect of his older brother Jess,.. Breeze, Read by Beth Richmond. Straight arrow lawman, Josh Cummings retrieves over a million dollars, from a snow filled gorge…and keeps it.

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Nate Townsend was undeniably attractive, and he obviously had money, but he seemed to lack Luke Rivers was a man of his word He'd agreed to marry Kate Logan -- but she knew it was only out of pity.

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Only because she'd been so devastated when Clay Franklin, the man she'd always loved, married someone else. In fact, it was at Clay's we Staying one step ahead of her energetic teenage son had taught Carol Sommars some pretty fancy footwork. But when said teen rallied his best buddy's seductive single dad to sweep her off her feet, the pace got fiercer.

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Every Second Counts (The Beaumont Series Book 6) - Kindle edition by Angie Daniels. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. From the award-winning author of The Beaumont Series, comes a sizzling novella about love, family and making every second count. Brenna and Jabarie .

Carol vowed to sidestep the iss From the moment her car broke down on an Oregon country road and Clay came to her rescue. Rorie's own life began to c Only child Amy Johnson was destined to run her father's multimillion-dollar corporation someday. Then she met Josh Powell.

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Rugged, handsome and sexy, he awakened the hungry, loving woman within her and uncovered her long-buried desire to raise a fami Life had dealt her some cruel blows, but with her head held high and her child in tow, she was finally coming home to th They shared a passion for classical literature, and he kept returning to her diner, yet s Marriage, she told her daughter, was an experience she had no intention of repeating. Tanner Lund felt the same way.

Like Joanna, he'd been divorced after a short, disastrou Suddenly widowed Lynn Danfort had felt doubly bereft when her husband's best friend abruptly left town. Now, three years later, husky Ryder Matthews was back, and to Lynn's astonishment, he seemed to be offering far more than friendship. Was his tend Carol Kyle hadn't spoken to her bullheaded ex-husband in nearly a year, so luring him into her bed for one tempestuous night would be no mean feat.

But even if it required strategy skills befitting a Navy admiral, she would manage. Because Carol want He probably didn't even know her first name -- let alone the passion she felt every time she thought about him! Certain Joshua would ne Having fled to Seattle to weather a broken heart, Lindy Kyle was unprepared for a roommate like Rush Callaghan.

Strong, sensitive and sexy, the temporarily dry-docked naval officer was everything she'd ever dreamed of in a man An earthy widow and mother of two was a far cry from the stylish glamour girls dashing man about town Cliff Howard usually dated. But one look into Diana Collin's soulful brown eyes had him thinking about apple pie instead of "cheesecake. Luckily she'd been healthy as a horse since then-because illness made people vulnerable, and fiercely independent Marjorie didn't want to need anyone. But then fate i To fun-loving Sherry White, a summer camp for intellectually gifted children seemed the perfect getaway from the smothering influence of her wacky but well-intentioned stepmother.

But she soon realized that sharing a cabi Then her father's business collapsed, Unemotional, levelheaded Thorndike Prince was certain his company's Christmas ball would be an utter bore In mere hours she'd toppled his implacab So, when her two maiden aunts suggested a vacation to Alaska, Caroline was certain they'd overindulged in the family br But her friends at Lockwood Industries had other plans.

Avid readers of romance novels, they had decided their employer was the c Judd Matthiessen was no good. His father had always said so, and his desertion of Lanni and their daughter seemed to prove it. So why did it feel so right to Lanni when Judd walked back into her life? And why did she agree to accompany him to the Mat After collecting her paintings and admiring her from afar, Shane thought he knew what made Carrie tick.

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It should be fairly easy to make the wom It seemed to be a perfect arrangement Ellen Cunningham had decided to go back to college in Seattle. She would get her degree and become the best first-grade teacher around. Money was tight, and she was lucky to find inexpensive lodging in a ho With her high school reunion coming up, librarian Jayne Gilbert was determined to go with a handsome man on her arm.

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