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Published: March 26, Curvy Brianna realizes she's never going to be satisfied with her indecisive boyfriend. She wants someone like Luc, a sexy special ops hero. Luc is recovering from a traumatic combat experience and Brianna discovers she has the key to helping the temperamental shifter. Their paths collide and passion threatens to overtake them.

Will Luc remain in control, and will Brianna even want him to? Words: 35, Published: January 31, When an alpha wolf meets his mate, sparks can fly. But what happens when she is completely unsuitable for the leader of a werewolf pack? What can an alpha do if he finally finds the woman of his destiny.

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Published: January 26, Shannon has shifted from a beautiful curvy woman into a Chihuahua. It happens the same day her sexy billionaire ex-boyfriend reappears in her life. Unsure of what is happening to her body as she shifts back to human form, Shannon is only certain of one thing. She's never truly gotten over Declan. Will wealthy alpha wolf Declan have the animal magnetism to change Shannon's inner dog into a wolf? Someone has kidnapped Rhonda, a young werewolf, and murdered her boyfriend also a werewolf , while they were working in the bookstore owned by Gabriel and Raphael Domini.

Gabriel is the leader of the New York werewolves, with his brother Raphael as his right-hand man.

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Rhonda and her boyfriend were targeted because of their true nature, by a centuries-old secret organization called the Brotherhood of Torquemada, which is determined to wipe out all werewolves, believing they are evil. After more attacks on werewolf families, including the deaths of two police officers, Anthony Mace is called back into action as the head of a classified task force established to protect the Pack and eliminate the Brotherhood.

tracmesari.tk This is more easily said than done, as the Brotherhood has taken to using terrorist tactics in the heart of New York City. Lamberson tells a compelling story, in which it is not the werewolves that should be feared, but the people who think the wolves are evil and must be destroyed at all costs.

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There is plenty of blood and gore, as Lamberson is amazing at combining a gritty crime drama with blood-soaked horror. The Frenzy War has a few predictable moments which can be difficult to avoid but overall I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

Excerpt: Pride Mates

Contains: gore, violence and sexual situations. Review by Colleen Wanglund.

Click here to return to the Monster Movie Month page. John knows the seriousness of this report, and travels back to High Moor near Durham to face the beast. The kids spend their time making dens and camps in the forest, and being terrorized by Malcolm Harrison and his sadistic gang of thugs. This is not a paranormal romance, nor is it a story on the whole of werewolves living alongside human beings.

Though it is not the most original take on werewolves, it is a well-written, suspenseful and engaging read, with compelling characters, some good local and period detail, and a very intriguing ending. I recommend High Moor to adult fans of werewolf fiction and film. It will particularly appeal to those people who have become a little tired of sympathetic werewolves and vampires , and fancy a blood-thirsty predator for a change. Contains: violence sometimes gory. Reviewed by: Hannah Kate. Torn by Lee Thomas. Cemetery Dance, Available: New. On the surface, Luther's Bend is your typical small town, and Bill Cranston is your typical small town sheriff.

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Michelle Fox. Thomas does a masterful job of revealing the true nature behind his protagonist's personal strife and weaves it in seamlessly with the dramatic and horrific events that threaten to bring all of the good sheriff's secrets to light. Nic Brown's novel about a thrill seeking, James Bond-esque werewolf reads like a B-Movie, complete with ill thought out fight scenes and campy dialogue. Fern Cook. And he REALLY wasn't expecting said animal to turn out to be a werewolf that belonged to a pack of werewolves that decide to hunt him down, since he has killed one of their own.

But looks can be deceiving. Cranston has his fair share of problems, including a rocky home life, punctuated by a wife that's checked out of their marriage, and children that suffer as a result. Thomas does a masterful job of revealing the true nature behind his protagonist's personal strife and weaves it in seamlessly with the dramatic and horrific events that threaten to bring all of the good sheriff's secrets to light.

I'd love to dive into the meat of this story and discuss the intricacies of plot and structure, the dual natures mirrored in the heroes and villains of the tale, but to do so would destroy the author's endgame, and that would be a shame. Suffice it to say that Lee Thomas has delivered a solid addition to the Werewolf genre, intertwining heady psychological drama and gruesome violence with a lightning-paced narrative that kept me glued to the page.

Review by Bob Freeman. Bestial : Werewolf Apocalypse by William D. Permuted Press, How best to describe William D. With tongue firmly in cheek. Bestial is a fast-paced, action packed thriller. William D. Carl is a talented author with a bright future ahead of him.

Ravaged by the Alpha Wolf Shapeshifter Alpha Male Paranormal Audiobook

Bestial is a novel he can most assuredly be proud of, and there will most certainly find a hungry audience waiting for it. This novel is a satisfying bridge between the two worlds of these time-honored horror tropes, one seemingly in decline, while the other, one can only hope, has found its time to shine, much like a full moon.

Contains: Extreme and gruesome violence, adult situations and language. Here is a second look review by Kelly Fann. This is a tale of bioterrorism meets genetic mutation meets mythology. As the sun sets, all those in the bank begin to change form, except for Rick and Chesya, a teller in the bank. Running from the carnage, they hide out in the vault until morning, and emerge to see their city in ruins. While they attempt to survive the full moon cycle, Rick and Chesya meet Christian and his mother, Cathy.

There is also a great deal of focus on morals; there are religious undertones that seem disjointed from the rest of the storyline. Recommended for adult fiction collections. Contains: language, gore, pedophilia Reviewed by: Kelly Fann. A Pack of Wolves by Eric S. Grand Mal Press, Available: Paperback and Kindle Edition. Graham, Zed, Yule, Sarah and Shannon are looking for their brother, Samuel, who is trying to raise an army. This is no ordinary family. They are a pack of werewolves—pure blooded.

That hatred has led him to seek out dark magic and a very powerful spirit that will allow Samuel to enact his revenge. They are called the Created and they are inferior to the pure werewolves. Samuel also has the help of a mysterious man dressed in white with the voice of an angel. The family is on his trail…but can they stop Samuel before his plans reach fruition? Eric S. The prose is tight and flows easily, and Brown keeps things unpredictable, which is a huge plus in my book.

Having already helped redefine the zombie sub-genre, Eric S. Brown continues to push the boundaries of the horror genre.

Brown has revitalized zombies, Bigfoot, and aliens, and now seems to be expanding on the phenomenon of Western horror. Highly recommended. Contains: violence, gore and adult language. Reviewed by: Colleen Wanglund. Available: Paperback.

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I try to find something positive about any book I review. This one was difficult. In Ms. Boyd's favor, she approaches the subject passionately and makes an honest attempt to thoroughly cover the subject, from traditional folklore to modern media representations. Run-on and awkward sentences and glaring typographical errors aside, at pages, Werewolves is rather thin, considering the broad brush Ms.

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Boyd is painting with, and the majority of the information within is readily available with a simple Google search. In addition, after the first reading, the spine cracked and the pages became loose and bothersome to keep track of. Reviewed by: Bob Freeman. Gallery Books, Available: Trade Paperback. Grave Expectations is a mashup of the Victorian classic Great Expectations and werewolves.