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But she wasn't getting what she needed, and couldn't really put into words what she needed. Her husband didn't know what he was doing wrong and didn't know what he could do.

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What was really tragic about the breakup is that they still loved and admired each other. They just couldn't make the marriage work. Let's face it, a marriage cannot survive on friendship alone. This is especially true in the case of a healthy high self-esteem woman. You know what that means.

Masterful Lover Manual (Shade) - spiritual minds

She has certain "needs". After they were apart for 6 months, they decided to meet. Her husband had ordered my programs and studied them and then started implementing them. Immediately things started to improve. And things improved quickly. She was getting the things she needed, and she was loving it. Then things got really good.

You are awesome. Thanks.

In fact, soon she was experiencing things that most women wouldn't even believe. But we all know that all these things are possible. In fact, for high self-esteem women, they are easy to make possible. For her, anything is possible in a fantasy, even though it may not be something that she would actually do herself. She really gets off on being an apparently "very proper woman" on the outside, while on the inside being a "very naughty girl. So, about a week later, while she was lying on her stomach, I began to stimulate her vagina with my fingers.

As I have in some nights past, I supplemented her natural lubrication with a little application of Astro Gluide.

However, this time, I happened to have 'accidentally' spilled some on her ass. I used my middle finger to rub the 18 www. I began narrating a fantasy about me fucking her in the ass. While I narrated the fantasy into her ear, I gently pressed the tip of my middle finger into her anus. I told her that it makes her feel very naughty. Even though she was a little apprehensive, she did get into the story. I carefully pressed my finger in a little deeper and then let it slide back out a little. I continued narrating the fantasy to her while driving my finger deeper.

She was very preoccupied by the story and she started becoming extremely excited. I talked to her more deterministically and drove my finger harder and faster. She was going crazy. I told her how naughty she was and how much of a bad girl she was and I told her to come like a good girl, firing off the auditory anchors I had set many times before. Her entire body arched and she had an orgasm! Another anchor set.

A sliding anchor at that. We talked about it later, and she said she found it very exciting. She said she loved the orgasm and said she didn't know where it came from, but it made her feel good all throughout. The following week, she had a minor operation on her cervix to remove a spot. Not an uncommon operation for women in their 20's and early 30's. When she arrived for our date, she said "The doctor said I can't have sex for 3 weeks, but, my clitoris still works! On our date I made it a point to make her feel very special and beautiful.

I also fired off all the anchors that I knew would drive her crazy with desire. Later, when we were in bed, I gave her an amazing face fuck while I also had my finger in her anus. For this woman, one orgasm is not enough, it is only the beginning. I said "It is too bad we cannot make love, you know how exciting that is for me.

I said "We have such a wonderful relationship, we are so into pleasing each other. She said "What would you like to do? I said "Since we cannot make love the usual way, I would like to make love to you that way. I said "I know you derive great pleasure from pleasing me.

Then she reached for the Astro Glide, and lubed me up, and then she assumed the position, and handed the Astro Glide to me. I lubed her up and then I told her to be very gentle with me. Then I was very careful and went very slowly. Once buried, she found it to be VERY exciting, and she became relaxed and receptive. Then it was pretty much business as usual.

I fired off the usual auditory anchors, and before long, she had a very powerful orgasm. The dirty deed was done. After that, it's just what we do. You had read about that in chapter 1, and what is possible with hypnosis. The day after giving my girlfriend a penis, I decided to try another experiment. I want you to go deeply into trance.

Then I said to her "You can already feel how excited you are. You can already feel your clit become hard and sensitive. You can already feel your vagina begin to lubricate. Now, you can allow yourself to come. Allow your cervix to dilate. Allow the depth of your vagina to balloon.

Masterful Lover Manual (Shade) - spiritual minds

Allow the opening of your vagina to clamp down. Allow the pleasures of your vagina to consume you. She was concentrating very well.


Even though her hands were at her sides, things were progressing along nicely. It was amazing to watch. Her concentration intensified, and within a few moments, she had a raging, bed shaking, orgasm. I gave my vagina a mind of its own. My mind provided the thrusting sensations. I was freaking out. It was incredible! I can't believe this! A few days later, my girlfriend and I were talking on the phone planning our date for the following Saturday night. She mentioned that she wanted to be hypnotized again. Later in the conversation, she also mentioned that she wanted to do anal again some time.

When she arrived for our date, I had her take a seat on the couch and I hypnotized her. While she was deep in trance, I said to her, "Throughout this evening, you will become increasingly aware of how much you want me to fuck you in the ass. Throughout this evening, you will become increasingly aware of how much you want my cock in your ass. Your ass will be SO horny. And you won't know why, because you will keep it a secret from yourself that I told you this. Tonight, whenever I say your name to you, you will think of how much you want me to fuck you in the ass.

Every time I say your name to you, your ass will become even hornier than before.