Quitting Jehovahs Witnesses & Other Cults: how to do it & why you should

Persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses
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Men are made in Gods image! It is the mans Job to rule over his family. To make the family decisions.

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To control the finances. To discipline the Children. Because men are wonderful, holy, fair, just, and all that, they of course will be a firm but loving father and husband. I'm not making this up, this is hammered into their skulls 3 nights a week. What man isn't going to eventually love this once he figures out he's the shiznit! All he has to do is play along. My wife has to do and support all my decisions!

My kids have to obey my every command.. Of course they always tempered this with the man should and will be just and fair And we'll get presents all year long, not just on Birthdays ans Christmas. So, my mother would get the living tar beat out of her, they'd have that meeting. They'd call in my step father, I can only imagine the yuk fest and high fives going on in there and then bring her in and always say he was repentant and going to try harder.

vadaltinejews.ga Now it's time to transfer the blame on her! I'm not making this up, they turn it back on the wife! And suggest that if she did more to make him happy, this probably wouldn't happen. Ohh my mom called the cops too. She'd actually be admonished for having done that, as it brings shame upon the JW's.

This aspect was not brought up in the episode. I thought I should point out how they accomplish nobody speaking out. The local High falooting family in the JW's was a bunch of real brothers who were Elders.

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They were born into a lot of money! The family owned a stretch of mansions in the city. Not a mansion, like 6 of them! The matriarch of this family left all her money to the local Museum which still bears her name. Leaving all her kids with properties they couldn't possibly afford to maintain! Well of course, the new System was right around the corner so they wren't going to need any money, or higher education because it's all going to end very soon.

I think this was in the 50's! These kids of a very rich magnate all had menial jobs but they were all elders. What a hornets nest of stuff going on in that family! One son was the gayest person I had ever met in my life. But he wasn't gay! Nope, nosiree! He ran with his legs flailing out, his arms flopping all over the place, let out screetches and loved to wear blinding bright colors. But he wasn't gay. Until he left the JWs, then he was deviant Gay. This guy would make Elton John exclaim "that's too gay! He's a 4 on the gay meter to this son's They had another son, who committed suicide, who was a Dis-fellowship elder.

Nicest guy on Earth and I know why he was thrown out and why he killed himself. He fought for injustice within instead of covering it up.

To My Mom, and the Cult that Tore Our Family Apart

His wife took the kids and refused to let him see them and was sheltered by the family. Before all this my mom left my stepfather who hadn't joined when I was 8, moved 20 miles away, kept going to meetings. Up till then it was beatings and arguments about her being IN the Jehovah Witnesses. She got a good job. We were doing well in school. My stepfather started studying with the JWS. Well, that's when the peer pressure to go back to him became deafening. He's changed, and you're sinning. There was this one woman who visited my mom times a week and non stop admonished her to take him back.

She would pull out a notebook full of written down scriptures and just start hammering her about her deep concern for her to do the right thing. My mom relented!

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I at 18 moved out, got an apartment. I was settling in when suddenly there's my Mom and sister at the door. We're moving in with you. You see my mom was sort of OK with it until I was gone and then with me gone whose going to get the brunt of the abuse? Well she showed up at my door many years later.

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With her was a guy I didn't recognize. She introduced him as her new husband. Ohh no, we got divorced! I must admit I got a little angry at that one! All those visits my mother was committing sin and damning herself. And here's the architect of our misery casually divorcing her husband that for all I knew was kind of a nice guy. To me Shiva was standing there with a smile on her face! Anyways there's a lot more abuse going on in the JWs other than sexual child molesting.

And that was my point of reveling all this. There should be a bunch of episodes involving them and delving into their history. If the roots of the tree are bad, how do you explain the rest of the tree is fine??? Also an entire episode could be devoted to their flip flopping on stances and rules over the years. They are not the same cult they were 25 years ago, nor were they the same 50 years, and 10 years before that! Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

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Their literature is littered with pictures of this mass genocide. Introduction In my decades of work with helping those born into high control groups, the effects are usually quite devastating. But the stunted psychology of those raised in extreme religion is another problem altogether. GoPetition respects your privacy. My entire life had revolved around it.

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Harassment After Leaving the Jehovah's Witness Cult

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How Jehovah’s Witness Teachings Can Damage Brain Development in Children

For these children, there is no obvious forfeiture of common sense or flight from existential chaos that informs adult conversion. Instead, the fundamentalist child, raised on fear and limitation, lives a life of diminished options, constrained by strict dualisms: black and white, good and bad, God and Satan, and perhaps most alarmingly for the broader culture us and them.

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