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With a bit of knowing humor and some genuine frights, Horrorstor is both unexpectedly clever and surprisingly gruesome. It is an epistolary novel. It is a story within a story within a story. But more than any of that, it is a literally labyrinthine reading experience all centering around the central conceit of a house that is vastly larger on the inside than it appears from the outside.

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House of Leaves is claustrophobic, unnerving, and entirely original. Drawing on werewolf tales, Wendigo folklore, and more, Katsu manages to create a sense of strangling claustrophobia in the doomed wagon train, even as it crosses expansive prairies. The interpersonal dynamics within the wagon party are key here too power struggles among the travelers, suspicion cast on beautiful, quiet Tamsen Donner, and personal secrets that were meant to be left back east.

Framed as the vampire Louis telling his tale to a young reporter, the novel would go on to serve as the launch of a wildly popular gothic horror series and the basis for a fantastic adaptation starring Brad Pitt and Val Kilmer. When Caroline was a girl, she and several other American children were taken in by Father, taught ancient secrets in his library and given access to some of his power. When Father goes missing, a whole cosmos of mysteries and monsters spills out into the normal world, vying for control of what Father has left behind.

What follows is simultaneously horrific and humane, a gripping and beautiful story of ancient powers and one young woman figuring out what it means to be human and if she wants it, anyway. Its finely cultivated sense of mounting fear and keen sense of haunting and claustrophobic atmosphere make this one of the best horror novels of the last decade. Set in a crumbling Georgian mansion, The Little Stranger places readers in the shoes of a man named Dr.

Faraday as he attempts to unravel a potentially supernatural mystery one that could have deep ties to his own history.

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Scared: Volume 1: Tales of Terror and Suspense [Kyle Carson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A weeping ghost, decapitated children. Terror in the Shadows Volume 2: Scary Ghosts, Paranormal & Supernatural Horror Short The Hunter's Game: A Dark Psychological Thriller (Blood for Blood Book 1) MOST HORROR STORIES BOOK 2: Ghost Stories To Read In The Dark.

The first book in The Borden Dispatches picks up the story of Lizzie Borden who, although still suspected of the murder of her parents, has moved into the seaside mansion of Maplecroft. But, a malevolent evil emanating from the depths of the ocean begins to plague the nearby community. Night Film is the sort of novel that lingers long after the final page. The novel centers around a journalist named Scott McGrath who becomes obsessed with the bizarre death of troubled young girl, the daughter of an infamous and reclusive horror filmmaker.

McGrath is pulled into a twisting and surreal mystery that is much darker and deadlier than he could have imagined. With his debut novel, Daryl Gregory puts a new spin on the possession subgenre by imagining an alternate timeline where random possessions have routinely occurred since the s.

A cadre of demons possess an individual, wreak havoc, then jump to a new host. Del Pierce was possessed as a boy and believed he was exorcised. Years later, he realizes the demon remains and desperately wants control. A fine example of taking a long-standing horror trope and creating something wholly new. Powerful characterizations alongside fantastic prose.

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After four teenagers suddenly lose their lives to heart failure, Asakawa a determined journalist and uncle to one of the teenagers doggedly tracks and investigates the circumstances that led to their incomprehensible and untimely deaths. His search leads him to a place of unimaginable horror as he stumbles upon a mysterious videotape that threatens anyone that dares to view it with death… unless an unspecified act is completed.

Consider it a must-read of the horror genre. Built on a simple premise an unnamed father leading his son across a desolate America toward a potential safe haven the unrelenting horror of The Road slowly seeps into the reader as father and son stumble from one terrifying situation to the next. It is an examination of parental love and dedication, but also the darkness and brutality of man. A group of friends on spring break in Cancun venture out for a day trip into the jungle, but when they stray too far into the forest, they find themselves trapped by something unimaginable.

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Did it make you laugh or cry? Well done. Error rating book. The Goreyesque illustrations add to the macabre chills. By Mr. The gruesome tale combines Southern legend and history for a monster story with a particularly amazing ending.

Ready for something slow-burning and deliciously atmospheric? This tale follows Elsie, a young, pregnant widow whose husband died tragically soon after they were married. But beyond a locked door in the house, she finds a painted figure who looks remarkably like her… and its eyes seem to follow her.

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This story builds the tension slowly, but the climax is well worth the wait. More than a dozen YA authors came together for this collection, which includes stories about defending a high school from zombies and a particularly disturbing riff on Alice in Wonderland. The writers share their inspiration for each story, providing a glimpse at their creative process and ideas for what to read and watch next. Arguably one of the most important novels in horror. King writes an epic horror tale of world devastation after a plague has wiped out The novel comes to life though through its multiple point of view characters, each one dealing with this horrific new world and the evil that still pervades it.

When hard times lead the town to save their meat, they learn that there was a very good reason for keeping that ritual alive. The gruesome tale combines Southern legend and history for a monster story with a particularly amazing ending. Hillary Thomas thought that killing tortured serial killer Bruno Frye would free her from his deadly obsessions.

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But this ancestral dwelling possesses an energy of its own and emerges as a key player along with Miranda, her twin brother Eliot, her mother Lily and her father Luc. When Lily dies suddenly, Miranda starts to suffer from bizarre physical, emotional and mental disorders. Is it all in her head or are there more sinister factors at play? Immerse yourself, if you dare, in this beautiful, eerie tale of hauntings, family legacies, and race.

Now a major motion picture starring Daniel Radcliffe, this classic ghost story thriller follows Arthur Kipps, a thriving London solicitor, who is sent to a small town to attend the funeral and settle the affairs of a client. Nothing could have prepared Arthur for the horrors hidden within the house walls, and as long-buried secrets unfold, he realizes he may never be able to escape. Presented as a series of interviews with survivors of the zombie apocalypse, World War Z takes a B-movie staple and turns it into a globe-spanning epic that is just about impossible to put down. But the longer she stays trapped within those walls, the more desperate she becomes to get out, and the deeper into madness she descends. Spitz is part of a sweeper unit in lower Manhattan tasked with exterminating the straggler dead, and the narrative is interspersed with his memories of the events of the apocalypse, by turns absurd and horrifying. Share: Share on Facebook. Related Lists:.

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Pass it on! Stay in Touch Sign up. If neither occurs but a threat is removed, this would also lead to a satisfactory experience, but the experience would be diluted. There is no consistent evidence to support this view and the success of films where the threat is still very much present in some way at the end of a horror film e.

It has been proposed that arousal itself might be self-rewarding — the act of watching horror provides us with a thrill regardless of the resolution and we like and enjoy the film for this reason Tamborini, The pleasurable experience of arousal motivates us to continue watching in order to sustain that level of arousal, as Berlyne suggests.

Sparks and Spirek , for example, found a positive correlation between skin conductance a physiological measure of emotional arousal and self-reported arousal in people who watched a clip of A Nightmare On Elm Street , suggesting that the arousal we report also correlates at the physiological level, although whether the psychophysiological changes determine the arousal or the cognitive and emotional arousals the interpretation of the material determine the psychophysiological changes is an argument, which dates back to James. Other individual differences include age and sex considered later.

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Unless a person expresses an interest and liking of horror, the response to graphic violence tends not to be positive. Weaver and Wilson , for example, assigned people to one of three groups who watched either clips from five television programs showing graphic violence, clips with the violence sanitized, or clips with the violence removed. A meta-analysis of the enjoyment of media violence not horror film specifically found that greater selective exposure to violence i.


The implication of this finding appears to be that even though individuals may seek out exposure to violent media, they do not often enjoy what they find. In addition, participants may vary according to the degree of material they are routinely exposed to. When graduate nursing students and psychology students were shown videos of graphic medical procedures, for example, the nurses expressed less disgust and fear but more sadness Vlahou et al.

Both groups, however, showed evidence of psychophysiological arousal measured via Galvanic Skin Response in response to watching the procedures. The most widely studied trait in the research on horror is sensation seeking. It peaks in the teenage years and declines thereafter Zuckerman, In the original conception of the model Zuckerman, , individuals thought to be high sensation seekers would experience much more positive emotion when highly aroused and stimulated and would seek negative stimulation to maximize their arousal because this stimulation was intense.

A negative stimulus such as a horror film might, therefore, be interpreted by a person high in sensation seeking as being very positive; but a person low in sensation-seeking would find the stimulus unpleasant. High sensation-seeking individuals would also be less vulnerable to the experience of threat in these films Franken et al.

All four factors of the sensation-seeking scale have been found to predict enjoyment of horror film to some extent, but some factors are better predictors than others.

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For example, disinhibition was found by Edwards to be the strongest predictor, followed by experience seeking, thrill and adventure seeking, and boredom susceptibility. Edwards reported a positive correlation between high sensation seeking in general and interest in horror film.

Tamborini and Stiff found a positive correlation between liking for horror and a combination of the sensation-seeking factors. Zuckerman and Litle found that frequency of horror film attendance correlated with disinhibition, thrill and adventure seeking, and boredom susceptibility, but in men only. The sex difference in this study highlights an important constraint on the model, and that is, individual differences such as sex may interact with sensation-seeking type to predict viewing, preference for, or enjoyment of horror film see below.

Cantor and Sparks found that sensation seeking was positively correlated with the enjoyment of frightening films in men and women. However, components of sensation seeking predicted enjoyment differently — thrill and adventure seeking were the best predictor for men, whereas disinhibition was the best predictor for women. Other studies have reported no positive correlation between sensation seeking and liking and enjoyment for horror films Neuendorf and Sparks, Aluja-Fabregat found that disinhibition and psychopathy — a personality trait which describes a charming, remorseless, callous, and manipulative personality type — correlated with curiosity about morbid events in eighth graders in Catalan.

Sensation seeking correlated with consumption of violent films and consumption was associated with psychopathy, specifically in boys. In a study of the enjoyment of fear experiences in video gaming, Lynch and Martins found that in their sample of 18—year-old players, men reported more enjoyment of violent video games and played more games and played more often. Low empathizers also played more but did not play more frequently. Agency in such games, however, appears to be important to the experience of the medium.

There were no differences between the two groups in self-reported fear. While sensation seeking might be strongly associated with enjoyment of horror, it may not be the strongest predictor of attendance at horror films. Also of note is that there is evidence that sensation seeking is related to the startle potentiation described earlier. Lissek and Powers found that people low in sensation seeking as measured via the thrill and adventure-seeking subscale produced the typical startle potentiation during the viewing of threatening vs.

One explanation for this finding is that high levels of sensation seeking are related to low levels of reactivity to threatening images. Because high sensation seeking involves a degree of sensory overload, less stimulation is required for a startle potentiation to occur and those scoring high in sensation seeking show less fear startle potentiation.