Schriften und Fragmente meines Lebens (German Edition)

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His poetry is marked by a powerful sensuality, compassion and a keen intellect.

7. Dietrich Bonhoeffer in: The Existential Philosophy of Etty Hillesum

Dehmel stresses in many poems the joy to be found in sexual love, together with hope for true emancipation in the future. Dehmel also wrote plays: His work is at its best in the portrayal of sensuous love and in its sincere, humanitarian beliefs.

Although exempt from enlistment due to injuries received at school after a fall from a horizontal bar , Dehmel joined the army in he was over 50 at the time: Dehmel was in close contact with the major writers of his day; he contributed to the leading literary journals. Gesammelte Werke ten vols appeared from to a three-volume selection in A posthumous autobiography, Mein Leben, was published in In appeared Dichtungen, Briefe, Dokumente.

His awareness of the forces at work in contemporary society and of how their interaction affects individual lives underlies all his novels.

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In Adenauerplatz a security guard employed to watch over a shopping and business complex in an anonymous German city is forced to confront the contradictions of his position as a refugee from Chile after the fall of Allende when he is drawn into collusion with a plot by friends to burgle an international wheeler-dealer with a stake in the political status quo in South America; having become aware of the ramifications of Third World exploitation he decides to abandon his job and return to Chile.

Mogadischu Fensterplatz is a fictional treatment from the perspective of an ordinary passenger of the hijack carried out by members of the Baader-Meinhof group in Somalia in and reflects a deepening concern with Third World topics evident also in the work of Born and Timm.

Summary Bibliography: Franz Kafka

Schriften und Fragmente meines Lebens (German Edition) - Kindle edition by Ernst Barlach. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or . Diese Sammel-Edition beinhaltet viele Fragmente und Schriften aus Barlachs ereignisreichem Leben. Aus dem Inhalt: Aus einem Taschenbuch Wider den.

Die Birnen von Ribbeck , a story consisting of a single sentence seventy pages long, describes the impact of the opening of the Wall on a farm in provincial GDR made famous by a ballad of Fontane. This work, a collection of highly charged utterances, preaches an extreme form of militant Catholicism: The publication of Part One met with little interest, the exception being Karl Wolfskehl, who looked back on it with great pleasure during his New Zealand exile.

Das Werk six volumes was published in Dinter, Artur — A student of the natural sciences, Dinter became a teacher, then turned to the theatre; he became increasingly anti-Semitic and reached notoriety with a trilogy of novels published between and The first of these was much acclaimed and widely read; in crudely sensational terms it describes the poisoning of the blood of a German woman, Johanna, through once having had intercourse with a Jew.

The child born to Johanna and her husband Hermann, both blond and Germanic, is dark and of Jewish appearance. Hermann kills the Jew and returns to find that his wife has killed the child and has committed suicide. A collection of Novellen appeared in , bearing the title of the first story, Die Ermordung einer Butterblume, an account of mental disturbance and, in fact, little more than a catalogue of neuroses. Wallenstein two vols , which appeared in , deals with the historical figures of the Thirty Years War but also hints at wider issues—the role of the individual during a time of massive upheaval.

Man and nature are locked in a gigantic struggle: Comparisons have been made with Manhattan Transfer and Ulysses Hans Henny Jahnn and others referred in their reviews to the Irish novelist: Biberkopf sinks from one stage of degradation to another: Babylonische Wandrung curses the sin of pride and portrays with grotesque humour the passage of the hero through the Babylon of Western civilization in a journey of selfexploration and expiation.

The work appears formless a fusion of mythology, history, modern events, statistical facts and popular songs , but an inexhaustible richness cannot be denied.

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In he became a convert to Roman Catholicism and after the war he returned to Paris, working in the cultural department of the French military government his son Wolfgang had been killed in the war, fighting as a French soldier. Questions are asked concerning the possibility of responsible action and the ultimate meaning of human existence. Doderer, Heimito von — Born near Vienna, Doderer enlisted in the Austrian army as a young man and became a Russian prisoner of war in Doderer studied history at Vienna University, received his doctorate in and dedicated himself to creating an epic description of the city he knew so well.

Please notify Corey Dyck if you notice any errors in the information below or find broken links, or if you have digitized texts that should be added to the list. Digital Archive of 18th Century German Texts Many philosophical texts by 18th century German authors are now available in digitized form on GoogleBooks. Goettingen, Geschichte der heutigen vornehmsten europaeischen Reiche und Voelker im Grundrisse, 5th ed.

Goetingen, Staatsverfassung der heutigen vornehmsten europaeischen Reiche und Voelker im Grundrisse, 4th ed. In swei Heften. Erstes Heft: Was ist und heisst Philosophie?


Les Rois en Exile; Roman Parisien. Die Staatslehre des Kardinals Bellarmine. Waltrop : Spenner, Educated German Catholics envisioned a Church that would solidify the link between religion, civilization, and morality. Feine , Hans Erich. Westmister, MD : Newman Press, Gagliardo , John.

Landshut, Ueber die Gesetze der Ideenassoziation und insbesondere Ein, bisher unbemerktes, Grundgesetz derselben Tuebingen, Ursprung des Begriffes von der Willensfreiheit. Der, dabei unvermeidliche, dialektische Schein wird aufgedekt, und die Forbergerische Schrift ueber die Gruende und Gesetze freier Handlungen geprueft Stuttgart, Allgemeine practische Philosophie Stuttgart, Beytrag zur Beurteilung des gegenwaertigen Zustandes der Vernunftlehre.

Dessau, Erster Theil Zweiter Theil Baumeister, Friedrich Christian Elementa philosophiae recentioris usibus iuventutis scholasticae accommodata et pluribus sententiis exemplisque ex veterum scriptorum romanorum monimentis illustrata Leipzig, Institutiones metaphysicae, ontologiam, cosmologiam, psychologiam, theologiam, denique naturalem complexae methodo Wolfi adornatae , 2nd ed.

Wolfii , 2nd ed. Wittenburg, Institutiones philosophiae rationalis methodo Wolfii conscriptae , 2nd ed. Wittenburg, Philosophia recens controversa complexa definitiones theoremata et quaestiones nostra aetate in controversiam vocatas Leipzig, Exercitationes academicae et scholasticae varii generis argumenta ad recentiorem philosophiam elegantior isque stili cultum spectantia complexae Leipzig, Baumgarten, Alexander Gottlieb Metaphysica , 3rd ed.

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Goettingen, 9th ed. Goettingen, Beitraege zur Naturgeschichte , 2nd ed. Zurich, Philosophie.

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Goettingen, Erster Theil Zweyter Theil 2nd ed. Goettingen, Erster Theil Zweyter Theil 3rd ed. Amsterdam, Der Ursprung der Donau in der landgraffschaft Fuerstenberg Nuremburg, Buck, Friedrich Johann Lebens-beschreibungen derer verstorbenen Preussischen Mathematiker ueberhaupt und des vor mehr denn hundert Jahren verstorbenen grossen Preussischen Mathematikers P. Franciscus Buddeus Halle, Introduction ad philosophiam stoicam ex mente sententiaque M. Aurelli Antonini Imp. Praemittitur dissertatio de ratione et revalatione, natura et gratia Tomus I Frankfurt and Leipzig, Tomus II Frankfurt and Leipzig, New edition, Tomus III - Philosophiae Wolffianae, ex Graecis et Latinis auctoribus illustratae, maxime secundum animae facultatem cognoscendi consensus cum theologiae, per praecipua fidei capita Frankfurt and Leipzig, Exercitationes historico-philosophicae de immortalitate animae Tuebingen, Disciplinae morales omnes etiam eae quae forma artis nondum hucusque comparuerunt perpetuo nexu traditae , 2 vol.

Frankfurt and Leipzig, New Edition, Philosophia fundamentalis, suis disciplinis comprehensa, variisque difficilioribus quaestionibus enodandis accomdata, cui logicae praecepta nervose concinnata subiunguntur, in usum auditorii publici et privati Tuebingen, Disputationis de Spinoziano miraculorum sensu Tuebingen, Idealismus seu crassissimus eorum error, qui corpora et sua et mundana negant, refutatus Tuebingen, Grammaticae universalis tenuia rudimenta Tuebingen, Theologia naturalis thetico-polemica cui subiungitur dissertatio de deo spiritu eodemque neutiquam extenso Dresden, Jurisprudentia theologiae seu de civitate Dei ex mente Leibnitii Monadol.

Joachimi Langen aus der Wolffischen von ihm mechanisch genenneten Philosophie Frankfurt and Leipzig, Ausfuehrliche Erlaeuterung der Wolffischen vernuenftigen Gedancken von der Menschen Thun und Lassen Frankfurt and Leipzig, Meditatio philosophico-critica de perfectione linguae Jena, Theologia revelata dogmatica methodo scientifica adornata [Oeconomia salutis Novi Testamenti seu Theologia revelata dogmatica methodo scientifica adornata. Pars altera. Frankfurt, Resolutiones dubiorum circa hypothesin nostram de principio juris naturae, nuper a viro consultissimo atque; doctissimo communicatorum ubi contenditur custodiam societatis neque esse pricipium juris naturae essendi, neque cognoscendi Frankfurt, Dissertatio Prooemialis XII.

The Life of August Wilhelm Schlegel

Exhibit auctoris novum systema iustitiae naturalis et Romanae, in Introductio ad Henrici L. Jura Dei in homines, Demonstrantur II. Jura hominum inter se, juxta tria iuris romanii objecta exponuntur simulque universum ius romanum in artem redigitur Halle, 17?? Muellers ueber Wolfens Gedanken von den Kraeften des menschlichen Verstandes Frankfurt, Programma de optima jura docendi methodo quo generosissimos atque nobilissimos academiae cives ad lectiones publicas proxime inchoanda invitat.

Pope sur l'homme Lausanne, Divers ouvrages de Monsieur Crousaz Amsterdam, Horatii logica ad usum studiosae juventutis. Aus dem Lateinschen des Hrn. Krausen, Weg zur Gewissheit und Zuverlaessigkeit der menschlichen Erkenntniss Anleitung ueber natuerlichen Begebenheiten ordentlich und vorsichtig nachzudenken Erster Theil Anderer Theil Anweisung vernuenftig zu Leben 3rd ed. Accedunt hac secunda editione Appendices. Omnia ad fidem autographorum bibliothecae Gothanae diligenter exacta nunc primum cum annotationibus suis publicavit Ernestus Salomon Cyprianus Frankfurt und Leipzig, Notwendige Verteidigung der evangelischen Kirche wider die Arnoldische Ketzerhistorie Frankfurt, Protosynderii Gothani praesidis quondam vicarii monumenta aliquot minora maxime historica in publicum emissa a ad.

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Zum Behuf seiner Vorlesungen. Mit Zustimmung des Verfassers aus dessen Vorlesungen herausgegeben, und mit einigen Zusaetzen ueber die Lehre vom Gewissen, von der Todesstrafe etc. Buetzow and Wismar, Ueber Toleranz und Gewissensfreiheit, 2 vols. Traduit de l'Allemand. Geschichte Karl Ferdiners. Aus Originalbriefen, 6 vols. Berlin, Zweiter Band, 2nd ed.

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7. Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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Gzuz feat. LX- Schnapp! (prod. P.M.B.)

Convert currency. As a matter of fact, he is even foregrounding these largely formal questions in the lesser-known pieces. I argue that the thematic metamorphosis from ape to human is accompanied by an equally important formal, narrative transformation, which is akin to the poetological structure of literary production, representation, and reception. Three issues are therefore at stake. The second issue concerns the unusual ethnological approach of blurring speech for the self and for the unknowable animal other.