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Think of them instead as air cruises. Still, the materials needed to build it already exist. An orbital ring is a strong steel cable in orbit just above the atmosphere—80km above Earth. It rotates, creating forces which try to make the ring fly apart into space, while gravity tries to pull it down to Earth. If the ring is spun at the correct speed, the two forces balance one another, allowing it to rotate seemingly weightlessly.

The structure would be connected to the ground by cables, with an elevator giving access to the ring in less than an hour. Two Maglev train tracks —which use magnets to move trains along without friction—on the underside of the ring and another on the outside could transport passengers at incredible speeds, reaching the other side of the world in 45 minutes.

If these options sound unrealistic, then remember that our current course of expanding carbon-intensive air travel is unrealistic for avoiding catastrophic climate change. Bold ideas are one thing, we need radical action to revolutionize how we travel the world. This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license.

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How one man spent $745 on flights to four continents — flying business and first class all the way

Skip to navigation Skip to content. This tech startup is helping to make bus routes more efficient by using AI and machine learning to accurately predict journey times and passenger demand, creating optimized timetables that take into account traffic, events and other external factors.

Between them they had spotted an opportunity to digitally transform the current system of planning, scheduling and operating public transport and improve the industry for the millions of passengers that use buses on a daily basis.

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Their data indicated that a one-minute bus journey time reduction resulted in a 1. The business has 18 employees, primarily based in Galway City on the west coast of Ireland, but also regionally across the U. The CitySwift platform is used by three of the U. With Manna, the final cost of operating drone food deliveries will be a fraction of that and Manna can guarantee a three-minute maximum delivery time. For our last night five nights in the Seychelles we visited Desroches Island, where a brand new Four Seasons opened in March. The Seychelles consists of over islands, though Mahe is by far the largest, and then there are a few more populated islands.

So while a few more islands have populations of a few thousand, there are also some deserted islands, and one of those is Desroches Island. The nearly 1, acre island has an interesting history and used to have a resort, though that was closed a few years ago and transformed into a Four Seasons, which just recently opened. Desroches Island is about miles Southwest of Mahe Island, and while you could presumably somehow arrange a boat to get there though it would be a long journey , the primary way guests get there is by flying. At least when you fly Maldivian or Trans Maldivian Airways in the Maldives, they operate a larger fleet, you can look up their history, etc. We arrived at the airport shortly after 9AM, and as we got out of the car we were greeted by the Four Seasons airport representative, Sonia, who would be helping us with the check-in process. She was an absolute delight, easily one of the best employees of the hotel we came across. She recommended we have a seat in The Coffee Club, which is right by the check-in area there are no airport lounges in this area of the terminal. Not one. At around 10AM the Four Seasons representative asked us to come to the check-in counter, which was located just a short walk away.

We bid farewell to Sonia and were through security just a minute later, and there were a couple of dozen people sitting in the departures area.

Flight rationing

Air Seychelles has a fleet of five Twin Otters, and all five of them were on the ground parked there. The Air Seychelles employee working the gate area was nearly as rude as the lady in the coffee shop. This is one of the things that disappointed me in the Seychelles. While some people were friendly, I was surprised by how many borderline rude locals I encountered. Less than five minutes after the plane arrived we were invited to board. There was just one other passenger on the flight a hotel employee , so we were escorted on the apron towards the plane. The plane had 16 seats in a configuration.

Flying Feather Four Miler

The first officer gave us a quick safety briefing, and told us our flight time was 35 minutes, and cruising altitude was 17, feet. The views for the 35 minute flight were great, and we had a beautiful view of Mahe Island on our departure. The flight was smooth, and before we knew it we were on our descent to Desroches Island.

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We had some strong winds on our approach and were swaying side to side, but the touchdown was smooth. As an aviation geek I just have to emphasize how damn cool it is to have a runway right outside reception. One of my favorite features of the entire island is that you can run or bike up and down the runway anytime, except when the two daily flights are arriving and departing. We took the afternoon flight, given that we were taking a redeye to Istanbul, allowing us to spend the day at the resort. Once again there was a safety briefing, then we back taxied the runway, and two minutes later we took off, as we witnessed the start of a beautiful sunset.

As we climbed out we made a sharp turn, and below you can see most of Desroches Island, including the runway. Ford was a bit scared, so I tried to comfort him. Fortunately we managed to stay distracted thanks to a very interesting lady sitting behind us.

How Do Planes Fly: Thrust and Drag

Her next stop? Mogadishu, Somalia.

About 20 minutes after takeoff the ride got much smoother, and shortly thereafter we began our descent. A minute after landing we were at our parking position, where we got to walk next to a Qatar Airways A, as well as several smaller Air Seychelles turboprops. Everyone else on the plane seemed to be terminating their travels in Mahe for the day, so we were the only ones greeted by a Four Seasons representative.

All around I found the flight experience to be easy, and I was impressed that both flights ran exactly on-time.

Furthermore, the help from Four Seasons representatives at the airport on both arrival and departure was a nice touch. We were spending eight days in the Seychelles, and when we booked this trip many months ago, we initially booked five nights at the Four Seasons Desroches Island, which was going to be the "highlight" of our trip. I'll talk more about that booking process….

Extended Twin OPerationS

See where it is day and night on the map at a glance. Girl Boy Other Not Sure. He based his approach on the expertise he developed through his line of work. It must have air holes on at least three sides, and be constructed in such a way that it is stable and escape-proof. My suggestion to you is to offer an olive branch, of sorts.

Recently I wrote about what I believe to be some of the best uses of Qantas points. A number of readers asked for more information…. We were going back and forth about whether to stay in the city or near the airport.

Eventually we decided to just…. I don't know why I was so excited about flying TAROM business class, given that intra-Europe business class is rarely anything to get excited about. I guess there were potentially a couple of reasons: -- TAROM is one of the last several airlines belonging…. Well, for once I'm happy about "fake news," but I have so many questions.

This evening a major security scare happened at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.