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The Messenger (game)

Quillshroom Marsh 3. Sunken Shrine 3. Cloud Ruins 4. Glacial Peak 3.

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Searing Crags 3. Underworld 4.

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Ninja Village. Music Box. Autumn Hills. Forlorn Temple. Dark Cave. Tower of Time. Corrupted Future.

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Railer Further Exploration Cancel Save. Highly recommended! Chris Taylor. User Reviews. Kris Knab. Mary Parish in Anna, died Sept.

Bamboo Creek. Howling Grotto.

Elemental Skylands. Quillshroom Marsh.

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Sunken Shrine. Cloud Ruins. Glacial Peak. Searing Crags. Interactive Locations Map.

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The Messenger. As a demon army besieges his village, a young ninja ventures through a cursed world, to deliver a scroll paramount to his clan's survival. As a demon army besieges his village, a young ninja ventures through a cursed world, to deliver a scroll paramount to his clan's survival. The Messenger is.

Interactive Upgrades Table. Focused power sense Power sense Time sense Devil's due Strike of the Ninja Second wind Currents master Aerobatics warrior Demon's bane Centered mind Prepared mind Serendipitous minds Energy shuriken Players control a ninja known as "The Messenger" as he goes on a quest to deliver a scroll. The Messenger initially possesses a technique called "Cloudstepping", which allows him to perform an extra jump in mid-air after attacking an enemy, object, or projectile.

As the game progresses, the Messenger gains new abilities such as climbing walls, gliding in the air, long-range shuriken attacks, and using a grappling hook to propel himself through obstacles and enemies. By collecting Time Shards earned by defeating enemies or hitting lamps, the player can purchase additional upgrades such as health bonuses or extra attack moves. If the player dies, however, a demon named Quarble will appear and automatically claim any Time Shards the player collects as payment for a short amount of time.

The game initially presents itself as a linear level-based adventure split across two eras; the past, which is presented with 8-bit graphics and audio, and the future, which uses bit presentation. Later on, however, the game becomes a Metroidvania -style game, in which the player revisits past eras in any order and direction in order to find key items.

In this section of the game, the player can use special warps to instantly move between the past and present, instantly changing the layout of each level and allowing them to access new and areas.

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Hidden in some areas are green medallions, earned by completing a challenging platforming section, with a bonus unlocked for collecting all Brown, better known as by his alias as chiptune -composer Rainbowdragoneyes and as a member of the bands Nekrogoblikon , The Dread Crew of Oddwood , Dr. Zilog , and Swashbuckle. The game won several awards before its release.

It won the Start-Up Numix in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Action-platformer indie game. Retrieved January 18, Hardcore Gamer.

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Retrieved April 22, Retrieved 9 August Retrieved 29 December CBS Interactive. Retrieved November 8, Retrieved October 20, September 7, Nintendo Life. Nintendo World Report.