Twecrets 2 Success 101: How 2 Maximize Ur @twitter Vol. 1

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Our chat participants shared some helpful Twitter engagement strategies specifically for creating amazing content. Check it out:. You can do that by knowing your audience, your market, and your industry. Keep their wants, needs, and interests in mind to create the content that will resonate with them. If you want engagement, you need to engage yourself. It really all goes back to knowing your audience and understanding what they want.

You can ask questions or share something that would pique their interests to get a conversation started. He encourages you to add your thoughts and ask questions just like you would in a real life conversation. A3: Ensure content is read by writing an evocative headline, add an image and be different like CardozaGab! A great headline is going to grab attention on social media, as will an eye-catching image. Create content that stands out and pulls your readers in. Tony suggests asking a question, including a poll, stating an opinion, or including a link to outside content. He also said you can add a photo or GIF, which can be helpful in getting others talking.

A3: Also, relevant GIFs are fun! Mallorie also agrees that adding a GIF can be helpful. ComfortWriter July 25, Customer service and community management are both so important, especially on Twitter. JuliaEMcCoy July 25, Check out these tips to start the conversation and keep it going:. Silly, just be human! Gaby said you really have to be proactive when it comes to conversations. She encourages you to ask questions, follow-up with people, and just say hi.

You have to be social and take a genuine interest in others if you want to build real relationships.

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Put yourself out there and strike up a conversation with someone you want to connect with. All you have to do is say hello. Respond to them. Take the initiative.

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I share some of my secrets to maximized @twitter performance. In under a week, I have had over follows including celebrities and large corporations. (Admissions of the Vampire Book 2) · The Goddess & The Hunter Introductory Algebra (11th Edition) · Twecrets 2 Success How 2 Maximize Ur @twitter Vol . 1 . Commonwealth Universe: Age 1: Volume 5: Nova Vendetta Part 1: The 47 Amazon FBA Secrets of a 7 Figure Seller: Amazing Tips For Selling Your Own .

Jim agrees. Take the initiative and reach out. Ask a question! A4 Ask for their opinion.

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You can also ask for their opinion on something. DigitalVK July 25, You can monitor that list and join any relevant conversations you come across. Participate in Twitter chats or host your own twitter chat. Joining Twitter chats is another way to make starting conversations easier. Chats bring people together and everyone is more open to making connections there.

You can even host your own!

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Talk with them. Respond, engage, interact. Be social. Renoe July 25, We asked our chat participants to share how they can help you grow your audience, plus a few tips to really make them work for you. Gaby said Twitter chats allow you to meet others with similar interests and can help relationships flourish. Joining chats on a regular basis is one of our best Twitter engagement strategies. I know tons I can tell you about ContentWritingChat pic. To make the most of the chats you join, follow-up with any new connections afterwards. You can also join different ones to meet new people.

A5: When you participate in Twitter chats, make sure to connect with people afterwards follow! Twitter chats are the BEST for networking! As Sarah said, chats bring like-minded people together and allow them to share their insights and stories. They provide the perfect opportunity for networking. A5: Chats help you start multiple conversations in a short period of time! A5: Visibility through the hashtag, engagement with other participants, and positioning yourself to be the expert.

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Carla pointed out that by joining Twitter chats, you can gain visibility through the hashtag. In fact, by joining chats, people get a feel for the person behind the handle. A5: Ask question, interact, be authentic, showcase your expertise, and GIF like you life depends on it. You can ask questions, showcase your expertise, and even add in a GIF. Great way to find like-minded people. Need to be punctual, responsive, prepared ContentWritingChat pic.

Once you find chats that are relevant to your industry, you can join them to start making connections. Are those tweets helping you reach your end goal?

#ContentWritingChat Recap: How to Build a Highly Profitable Personal Brand with Anthony John Amyx

Check out these responses from the chat:. Get on that ContentWritingChat pic. Gaby suggests referring back to your social media strategy. Set objectives for yourself and track the data you receive. You can use Twitter analytics to do this, which is totally free.

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  • Q1: What does it mean to have a personal brand and why is it important?.

A6: Analytics. Are your online efforts anywhere; not just on SoMe helping you achieve your goals? Are you moving forward, going backward, or standing still? A6: Know your goals. Check your metrics. Tweak if necessary. As Lori said, it all starts with knowing your goals.

You can then track the appropriate metrics and make any tweaks if needed. If so, take a look at the data and track your progress! Be sure to track your progress as time goes on to see if your Twitter engagement strategies are working. She uses Twitonomy to do this. There are tons of tools out there we can use for Twitter. Do you use any?


I had a dream that I was late to the first pledge group meeting. Easy to lose, hard to get …. Passionate about things I care about. Chaotic good. Full video and more information now online.

Tip: use automation wisely! A7: Honestly, TweetDeck is the only thing I use. Rosyln relies on TweetDeck to manage her Twitter account. A7: tweriod shows when followers are most active. Varun keeps it simple with Twitter Lists. I do use buffer.

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But, when it comes to connect with followers, human wins than automation. He keeps it real when communicating with others. We can learn a lot from what other brands are doing online. Are there any that are killing it when it comes to Twitter engagement strategies? Check out these brands:. Julia loves following Content Marketing Institute, our very own guest host Gaby!